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    Mission Statement

  "Balancing Fiscal Stability,

   Economic Growth and

   Social Justice".

The Minister

Mr. Hany Kadry Dimian

For twenty-four years, Mr.Dimian’s work duties have been closely associated with the economic policy and decision making processes in Egypt.  more...



Mr. Hany Kadry Dimian - Minister of Finance

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Government Securities Auctions Results

Results For  Monday, May 25, 2015
MaturityHigh (%)Low (%)Avg (%)Note
14 April 202012.990 12.700 12.916 Covered 1.5 times
12 May 202514.71014.50014.644Covered 1.8 times
New Publications Treasury Auctions


Date Maturity Yield(%)
24 May 201591 Day11.499
21 May 2015182 Day11.684
24 May 2015266 days11.751
21 May 2015357 days11.790
18 May 2015Zero Coupon11.936
24 Mar 20144-Feb-1611.960
18 May 201510-March-1812.572
22 Dec 201425-February-1913.637
25 May 201514-April-2012.916
18 May 201510-February-2213.338
25 May 201512-May-202514.644
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