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    Mission Statement

  "Balancing Fiscal Stability,

   Economic Growth and

   Social Justice".


The Minister

Dr. Mohamed Maait

 Dr. Mohamed Maait is currently serving as the Minister of Finance,  Prior to his appointment as Minister, he held the position Vice Minister of Finance for Public Treasury Affairs & Head of the Economic Justice Unit.

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Dr. Mohammed Maait - Minister of Finance



Government Securities Auctions Results

Results for Sunday, June 24, 2018

MaturityHigh (%)Low (%)Avg (%)Note
91 days19.53918.64919.468Covered 2 times
273 days19.54018.89919.362Covered 1.5 times
New Publications Treasury Auctions


Date Maturity Yield(%)
24 Jun 201891 Day19.468
21 Jun 2018182 Day19.361
24 Jun 2018273 days19.362
21 Jun 2018364 days18.928
10 May 2016364 Day (US$)3.589
17 Nov 2015364 day(Euro€)2.486
03 Oct 2016Zero Coupon16.514
16 Sep 2012FRNs15.388
11 Jun 201812-June-202116.115
13 Jun 201810-April-202316.320
30 Apr 201820-Feb-202514.962
14 Jun 20188-May-202816.378
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