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  "Balancing Fiscal Stability,

   Economic Growth and

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Dr. Amr EL-Garhy 


Dr. Amr EL-Garhy - Minister of Finance

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Government Securities Auctions Results

Results For  Thursday, August 25, 2016

MaturityHigh (%)Low (%)Avg (%)Note
182 days15.63915.20015.575Covered 1.4 times
357 days16.14015.30016.071Covered 1.4 times
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Date Maturity Yield(%)
21 Aug 201691 Day14.035
25 Aug 2016182 Day15.575
21 Aug 2016273 days15.969
25 Aug 2016357 days16.071
22 Aug 2016Zero Coupon16.270
16 May 201625-Oct-1814.578
22 Aug 201621-May-2016.623
15 Aug 201615-August-2116.922%
22 Aug 20169-August-2023 17.385
15 Aug 20165-July-202617.471%
Customs Authority Tax Authority General Authority for Governmental Services Equality Unit PPP Unit Real Estate Tax Authority Public Treasury Authority