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Under the auspices of Dr. Maait, Ministry of Finance Winds up its Strategic Planning Forum 13/12/2018
Ministry of Finance wound up, last Sunday, proceedings of the Strategic Planning Forum, bearing the slogan "Together we…plan, work and succeed". Held under the auspices of finance minister Dr. Maait, the three-day forum was attended by Mr. Ahmed Kouchouck, vice minister of finance for fiscal policies and heads of different sectors and central departments. The forum was organized by the Projects Unit at the ministry, headed by Ms. Nerman Al-Heeny, and was supported and financed by UN development programme.

AIIB delegation winds up its visit to Egypt by inspecting solar energy project in Aswan, announces Finance Minister Dr. Maait 25/11/2018
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) delegation to Egypt is scheduled to end its visit on Thursday 22nd, November. Headed by AIIB president and consisting of AIIB executive board members, the delegation shall conclude its works by visiting the new solar energy project implemented in Banban area in Aswan and operating 11 solar energy stations for generating electricity. The US 210 million worth project is the first AIIB-funded project in Africa and outside Asia.

Minister of Finance holds meeting with major Japanese companies investing in Egypt, in attendance of ambassador of Japan to Egypt 22/11/2018
Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, stresses keenness of the Egyptian government to enhance investment environment and to lure more investors. Constructing new infrastructure, building roads and bridges, implementing national projects in fields of new and renewable energy, and installing electricity networks, are all factors that help in improving business environment, overcoming investment obstacles, opening new investment opportunities and encouraging investors to increase their investment quotas in

Finance Minister Takes Part in Youth Employment, Women Empowerment Conference at MUST University 15/11/2018
Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, points that youth are the basic means of success for any country. Through their hardworking and persistence along with their countries' support, youth can attain their goals. Women's resilience and ability to turn hardships into success stories prove the importance of their empowerment. Indeed, women and youth empowerment can push communities forward and achieve sustainable development, he asserts.

Within the Framework of cooperation Protocol between Ministries of Finance, Justice, Egyptian Bar Association: 27/09/2018
In attempt to facilitate and simplify procedures of VAT collecting, Ministry of Finance issues circular no. 113/2018 on procedures of collecting and supplying (table) tax, effected under VAT Law issued by virtue of Law no. 167/2016. This comes within the framework of applying provisions of the cooperation protocol recently signed by the Ministries of Finance, Justice and the Egyptian Bar Association (EBA).

Finance Minister Approves Extending Payment Period for Real Estate Tax up till 15 July 2018 without Getting Fined 05/07/2018
Finance minister, Dr. Mohammed Maait, agrees to extend payment period for real estate tax to 15th of the current July, without levying any extra fines on taxpayers. As ordered by the minister, tax service offices will extend their official working hours up till 10 p.m. all through days of the week, including Saturdays.

Ministry of Finance Issues Preliminary Financial Statement for 2018/19 FY Budget for 3rd Consecutive Year 17/04/2018
Ministry of Finance issued last Saturday, 14th of April, the preliminary financial statement for FY 2018/19 State budget, for the third year in a row. The statement demonstrates the economic structure locally and abroad. It also highlights the presumptions and forecasts the new budget is based on, in addition to the social schemes and policies included in the State budget. Previous implemented polices over past years and their results are also mentioned therein, with a medium term outlook for budget evaluat

Egypt's Debut Euro-denominated Eurobonds, April 2018 16/04/2018
The Egyptian government, as represented by the Ministry of Finance, has succeeded in raising € 2 billion in Eurobond issuance , broken down into two equal tranches (8 - 12 year terms) with significant high returns. No sooner had the announcement been made than considerable purchase requests were registered by a value exceeding 7.5 billion Euros; this is in spite of being the 1st euro-denominated issuance for Egypt.

Ministry of Finance Signs Cooperation Protocol with UNICEF to Ameliorate Social Environment for Egyptian Children 05/04/2018
Ministry of Finance has lately signed a cooperation protocol with the UNICEF in light of Finance Minister, Mr. Al-Garhy, efforts to enhance social security programs for all society categories, including children, and the UNICEF's objective to encourage all countries to increase public budget allocations for children-oriented programs.

Govt's Recently Launched IPO Program 03/04/2018
Within the framework of the ongoing comprehensive reform program adopted by the government, a promising IPO program has recently been announced as a means to expand ownership base, raise additional funds for Egyptian companies, to lure more investments and to optimize the State's assets.