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Real Estate Tax Law sets many mechanisms for protecting Egypt's real estate assets, announces Finance Minister, Dr Maait 25/09/2018
Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohammed Maait, notes that despite the fact that Real Estate Tax Law, issued in 2008, was first suspended and undergone afterwards many legislative amendments, key concepts and provisions of the same are still provided for therein; most significantly, entailing an expenditure mechanism for the maintenance of real estate properties. Namely, 30% of the annual rental value for a residential unit and 32% for non- residential ones shall be allocated for maintenance expenses paid by ta

President Al-Sisi issues new custom tariff, to be applied at present at all custom outlets, announces Finance Minister 17/09/2018
State President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi has recently issued a new custom tariff under decision no. 419/2018, within the framework of Egypt's engagement to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, via HS code 2017.

Minister of Finance Announces: Government contracting Law meets reform and transparency goals 12/09/2018
Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, stresses that the governmental contracting law is considered a significant progress in the performance of the contracting system for entities subject to its provisions. The said law shall contribute in achieving the set goals of the reform program, which mainly aim at increasing development rates, upgrading the economy's structure and boosting productivity and competitiveness rates in conformity with the sustainable development strategy "Egypt Vision 2030", the minist

Minister of Finance: New Community Participation and Additional Resources Without affecting the poor, are the Objectives of the Additional 5 %Tax 26/08/2018
Minister of Finance, Mr. Hany Kadry Demian confirmed that the draft law regarding the introduction of the additional 5 % Tax on individuals whose year income exceeds one million EGP, targeting three main pillars

Egypt to tender for first car scrapping centre 26/08/2018
CAIRO - Egypt plans to tender for its first car scrapping centre, the state news agency MENA quoted the finance minister as saying.

Largest Budget Ever in Egypt History is implemented by EGP 1.42 trillion, Announces Finance Minister Dr. Maait 09/07/2018
Finance ministry, Dr. Mohammed Maait, has recently announced the implementation of the new budget for the 2018/19 fiscal year with a total of EGP 1.42 trillion in expenditures, an increase of EGP 200 billion from last year

4 Billion EGP Allocated from State Treasury for Putting Tax Deduction Law into Effect as of July 2018, announces Finance Minister Dr. Maait 08/07/2018
Egyptian Tax Authority is set to issue a circular on procedures of implementing the law related to increasing limits of tax exemption rates in order to lighten tax burdens sustained by citizens. As many as 5.5 million public sector employees as well as 2.5 million private sector workers shall benefit from the new lower deduction rates.

Finance Minister's Announcements in "Inclusive Growth and Job Creation Conference" in Egypt 10/05/2018
Finance Minister, Mr. Amr Al-Garhy, confirms that the success of the government's ongoing economic and social economic program is attributed to the political leadership's continuous support and keenness to confront society with challenges of reform that remained at a standstill in pervious eras.

On Sidelines of IMF, WBG Spring Meetings in Washington, Finance Minister Takes Part in Round Table Session on Financial Transparency in MENA 23/04/2018
On the fringe of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) Group's 2018 Spring meetings, held currently in Washington D C, Finance Minister, Mr. Al-Garhy, has taken part with his counterparts in MENA region in a round table session on financial transparency. Vice minister of finance for fiscal policies and institutional development, Mr. Ahmed Kouchouck, and head of Macro Fiscal Unit (MFU) and general coordinator for the transparency initiative, Ms. Sara Eid, have also participated in the

Review of Finance Minister's Interview with Public Opinion "Alra'e Al'am" TV Programme 16/01/2018
Finance Minister, Mr. Al-Garhy, underlined in his interview the persistence of President Al-Sisi to address anew all the neglected and cumulative problems; most important of which was the failure to correctly assess rendered-services against their true value and up-to-date market prices.