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Minister of Finance: New Community Participation and Additional Resources Without affecting the poor, are the Objectives of the Additional 5 %Tax 24/01/2018
Minister of Finance, Mr. Hany Kadry Demian confirmed that the draft law regarding the introduction of the additional 5 % Tax on individuals whose year income exceeds one million EGP, targeting three main pillars

Egypt to tender for first car scrapping centre 24/01/2018
CAIRO - Egypt plans to tender for its first car scrapping centre, the state news agency MENA quoted the finance minister as saying.

Review of Finance Minister's Interview with Public Opinion "Alra'e Al'am" TV Programme 16/01/2018
Finance Minister, Mr. Al-Garhy, underlined in his interview the persistence of President Al-Sisi to address anew all the neglected and cumulative problems; most important of which was the failure to correctly assess rendered-services against their true value and up-to-date market prices.

Mr. Amr Al-Garhy: 30th of November is the Deadline for Using Paper Checks by All the State's Authorities, Special funds and Accounts 29/11/2017
Finance Minister Mr. Amr Al-Garhy announced that all the State authorities, Special Funds and Accounts should end using paper checks by the 30th of November and would apply instead an e-payment system and the Treasury Single Account (TSA). As many as 61 thousand accounts for 2650 accountancy units would be closed across all the State's bodies.

Finance Minister Mr. Amr Al-Garhy announces: GFMIS project is successfully kicked off 08/08/2017
The Ministry of Finance held a meeting lately addressing E-payment and GFMIS initiative, with the attendance of Dr. Mohamed Maait, Vice Minister of Finance for Treasury Affairs; Eng. Khaled Nassif, Deputy Minister of Finance for IT; E-Finance representatives; heads of sectors and revenue authorities affiliated to the Ministry of Finance; along with work groups in charge of following up the implementation of the budget automation project across Egypt.

Minister of Finance Announces: Additional offering of Egypt Dollar Notes garners US$ 3 billion thanks to unprecedented demand of foreign investors 05/06/2017
Finance Minister, Mr. Amr Al-Garhy, announced that Egypt has made a comeback to international markets through additional offering of Egypt dollar notes last January. Within few hours since the Ministry's announcement of an offering of US$ 3 billion worth of notes on 24th of May 2017, more than 11 billion purchase requests were received. This significant turnout is deemed the greatest ever for any emerging market when re-offering its notes in markets.

Minister of Finance on the sidelines of the conference on announcement of the results of tax returns filing for the F Y 2016/2017 10/05/2017
Minister of Finance, Amr El-Garhy, announced that the government currently considers a new issuance of Eurobonds in the international financial markets. It is expected that such offering shall be issued at the end of May or in the beginning of Next June, within the required financing procedures for the new budget.

Minister of Finance announces results of the time cycle of filing Tax returns in a press conference held at the Large Taxpayer Center 09/05/2017
Minister of Finance, Mr. Amr Al-Ghary, paid a visit to the Large Taxpayer Center on the occasion of termination of the time cycle of filing tax returns of companies. He hailed efforts of the taxation body and thanked all employees for their dedication and for successfully achieving the entire targets of this FY taxation plan.

Minister of Finance takes part in the annual meetings of the IMF Financial Committee chaired by Ms. Christine Lagarde 30/04/2017
In the sidelines of the IMF and WB Spring meetings, Minister of Finance, Mr. Amr Al-Garhy held intensive and consecutive meetings with a number of businessmen, investment banks and Arab, European & African ministers of finance.

After Ratification of the Final Account Statement of FY2014/2015 by the Parliament 22/03/2017
- Discussions are important to highlight the outcomes of the State's financial policy and the efforts to cater for the most-needed groups.