Soft Launch
Ministry of Finance is planning to offer coins of 100 million EGP to meet the market needs in the coming period 

- Cairo and Marsa-Matrouh are the most demanding for metal coins and El-Behira comes at the end of the list.

- We are continuing in minting coins in coordination with the Central Bank of Egypt to meet the increasing demand of the market

Ministry of Finance is preparing to offer amounts of auxiliary coins in markets, its worth exceeds 100 million EGP:  80 million coins of the pound-denominated category, other 40 million coins of the 50 piaster-denominated category and 10 million coins of the 25 piaster-denominated category, doubling the offered in the last fiscal year in order to facilitate coin access for the citizens and different shops that need the small change. A tender was offered to provide such amount of coins in the coming period. more...