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Ministry of Finance in the Shura and People's Assemblies 2010 


The Ministry of Finance intends, during the recent session of the People’s Assembly's Legislative Round IX, and the thirtieth regular session of the Shura (advisory) Council, to pursue main efforts and initiatives in the recent legislative session, with support of the two houses of the Egyptian parliament: the People’s Assembly and the Shura (advisory) Council. This comes within the context of the Ministry's commitment to develop and update the frameworks governing the fiscal policy of the State.

Believing in the importance of the parliament’s role in the discussion, study and approval of all reform initiatives adopted by the Ministry of Finance to achieve the economic modernization objectives, the Ministry found MP’s to be the best help for us to achieve these goals. Within the framework of the legislative, financial and control capacities invested in them by the Constitution and the law, they contributed to and supported the legislations introduced and the policies adopted by the Ministry, throughout the session under study.

Out of keenness to reinforce dialogue between the Ministry of Finance, the People's Assembly and the Shura Council along each stage of the sessions regarding legislative, financial and control matters, this report has been produced on the monitoring and analysis of aspects of cooperation and interaction between the Ministry of Finance and the Parliament in various fields. Content analysis is the main tool used in the report to examine discussions and deliberations documented in the minutes of the two houses and their committees.

Over the past five years, experience has shown the importance of this report, which proved to be a valuable reference for all those interested in parliamentary affairs, researchers, staff of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the People's Assembly and Shura Council members. The report is an important document which objectively monitors financial legislations proposed by the Ministry and later approved by Parliament, deliberations on State General Budget bills and final statements, as well as control issues raised with the Ministry of Finance on matters falling within its competence and the Ministry's answers thereto.

The Appendix includes a full list of legislations prepared by the Ministry of Finance and finalized during the finished legislative chapter, which highlights the fruitful work and dialogue between the Ministry and the two houses of the Egyptian parliament.

The Minister of Finance

Dr. Youssef Boutros-Ghali

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