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Finance Minister Takes Part in Youth Employment, Women Empowerment Conference at MUST University 

Following highlights are announced by Finance Minister, Dr. Maait, in his word at the youth employment and women empowerment conference recently held at College of Business Administration, Economics and Information System  in Misr University for Science and Technology:


·         Empowering youth and women gives momentum to communities and achieves sustainable development.

·         Youth are the success vehicles for countries, and their achievements rely on their persistence and their countries' support.

·         The State lends a helping hand to youth through issuing facilitating  legislations and laws for young businessmen.

·         Small and medium projects draft law includes incentives and facilitations to support youth.

·         Two female assistants are appointed for the Minister of Finance, Presidency is interested in youth conferences so as  to get to know their opinions and orientations.

·         Dedication, Persistence and hardworking contribute to new broad horizons.

Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, points that youth are the basic means of success for any country. Through their hardworking and persistence  along with their countries' support, youth can attain their goals. Women's resilience and ability to turn hardships into success stories prove the importance of their empowerment. Indeed, women and youth empowerment can push communities forward and achieve sustainable development, he asserts.

This was announced by Dr. Maait in his word at the Youth Employment and Women Empowerment conference held at the premises of  Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST). The conference was attended and held under the auspices of Mr. Khaled Altoukhy, MUST Chairman of Board of Trustees, Mr. Islam Khaled Altoukhy, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Muhamed Hassan Al-Azzazi, MUST President  and Economic Prof. Dr. Zeinab Al-Gwady.

In his word, Dr. Maait demonstrated success stories of a number of youth who managed to think innovatively, create new ideas and make many achievements  nationally and abroad. He quoted the example of a student who excelled in electronic website designs and attracted vendors and reached professionalism in this field.

Moreover, he expressed his genuine belief that by persistence, dedication and hard working, one can achieve all his objectives in any field. Thus, he stressed the importance of making advantage of the high percentage of youth population in Egypt, noting that the political leadership was currently focusing on holding regular conferences with youth to empower them and share their opinions and thoughts with officials.

This is manifested by recommendations provided at the end of each youth conference, where  raised ideas and visions  are discussed and  solutions offered for tackling implementation obstacles on the ground. The recent youth forum held in Sharm Al-Sheik city is a token of such initiatives launched by the political leadership, as said by the minister.

Addressing women empowerment issue, the minister said that 8 female ministers were appointed.  At the meantime, there is a real support to women in Egypt, which indeed reflects a positive image to the world that Egypt believes in the importance of women empowerment and leadership nationally and abroad, which is an inherent and a well-deserved right for women.

In the same context, the minister highlighted the role of  female employees in the Ministry of Finance, as two female minister assistants have been recently appointed, referring also to the important departments headed by female managers such as the investment unit, international cooperation unit and equal opportunity unit, and others.

On the side of youth and young businessmen, the minister added that the State was assisting them in their businesses through issuing facilitating legislations and laws. He quoted the law of medium and small project law that aims to empower and inspire youth as well as to bridge the gap suffered by Egypt in this respect throughout the last twenty years.

Large percentage of youth population must be handled properly given its social and economic effects, the minister said, noting that international experiences proved that youth can be appointed in senior positions and prove their eligibility and dedication.

Addressing the attending youth at the conference, the minister called on them to work hard and earnestly in whatever position they hold, since dedication and persistence is their true path for success and achievement.

On his part, Dr. Al-Azzazi, MUST President, said that the State's current  civil and liberal vision which is based on diversity, democracy and individual engagement in communities, focuses on empowering creative youth in all fields to fulfill their dreams and contribute to achieving economic and social development. It also focuses on building constructive dialogues with youth to know their opinions and the problems they face in order to remove obstacles in their success path. This is indeed reflected in all youth forums and conferences held under the auspices of the State President.

Dr. Al-Azzazi also praised the significant role of the minister of finance in striking a balance between financial, economic growth and social justice from a new State vision. Such vision is based on the effective engagement of all the civil community and the private sector in building the State, as well as on the restructuring of the State's administrative system in a way that can empower creative youth and encourage them to pursue their ambitions.

Professor of Economics Dr. Zeinab Al-Gwady, noted that the present conference aimed to maintain the three sides of the golden triangle of sustainable development; namely, business leadership, youth employment and women empowerment.  Good management of these three axes would eventually increase social and economic levels of communities, she pointed out.