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Ministry of Finance issues executive instructions on procedures to be adopted for public expenditure rationalization plan 


- Public inventory to be recycled, local spare parts in lieu of imported ones to be exploited

- Electricity, water meters at public entities to be replaced by pre-paid meters

- Missions sent abroad to be minimized, and limited to training programs funded by external entities


Ministry of Finance has recently issued executive instructions on measures of the State's plan to cut off public expenditure and support positive practices in this respect.

The instructions include:

-          Recycling existing public inventory, and limiting purchases of new supplies to cases of urgency while opting for local products.

-          Requiring public entities to adopt a plan to rationalize electricity through continuing the installation of LED bulbs,  and substituting power and water meters with pre-paid devices.

-          Highlighting the importance of abiding by organizing rules for incentives and rewards, and having them conditional with production levels.

-          Limiting travelling of governmental  missions abroad to training programs funded by external entities. Senior officials shall only travel in cases of urgency after the prior approval of the competent ministers.

-          Vehicle spare parts, fuel consumption levels, raw materials and maintenance works shall also be considered in the rationalization plan.

 Ministry of Finance has mandated competent authorities to issue instructions to the relevant financial officers to adopt the necessary measures to put this public expenditure rationalization plan into effect.  Penalty measures shall be taken against violators, confirmed the statement issued by the Ministry of Finance.