Soft Launch
Social Insurance Website 
Dr. Youssef Boutros Ghali, the Minister of Finance announced that the services of e-government would be extended to all social insurance services, in order to facilitate matters for some 25 million citizens. The number includes pensioners and workers covered by social insurance in both public and private sectors, in addition to millions of businessmen and Egyptians working abroad.

The National Social Insurance Authority (NSIA) will finish developing and updating its website ( this week, the Minister said. The website will provide many new features, including previewing the insured citizens' data, questions about  subscription periods, account data and payments/settlements for expatriates, and information on leave without pay. As for businessmen and institutional facilities, services include facility data, and employees' insurance position.

Pensioners and related beneficiaries will thus be able to calculate their pensions and raises and compare them to the money they actually receive, which will enable the detection of any mistakes in pension value. In addition to this, they can also inquire about lump payments falling due on the suspension of children's pension. The insured will also be able to know how to credit previous service terms to their accounts, scale up their tenures or send any complaints or queries concerning social insurance systems. The site will upload all the insurance laws, presidential decrees, executive regulations and circulars related to insurance and pension. In addition to this, it will include information on pension-calculation methods, privileges guaranteed by the law, terms of eligibility, and requirements that must be met to ensure individuals under these laws.

This step comes as part of a comprehensive modernization and development effort by the National Social Insurance Authority, the Minister noted. The system is working on several fronts: one is legislative through the issuance of a modernized law of  Social Insurance that extends insurance services to all segments of society, while another involves the development of methods for cashing out pensions, developing online e-services and launching the hotline 16217. Finally, the working environment of insurance employees is being improved, as the organization is carrying out an integrated plan to update all its premises and offices all over Egypt, with a focus on rebuilding or replacing old buildings with new safer ones.

The National Social Insurance Authority is now preparing to collect insurance premiums for the insured online, Dr. Ghali added, pointing out that it would issue an e-cards for the insured to use at insurance offices across the country which allows the public to receive all social insurance services anywhere in Egypt –not only at the particular office where the insured person's file is kept.

(Source : Ministry of Finance)