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The Egyptian Ministry of Finance plans, prepares and manages the Government of Egypt’s budget and public debt. This is carried out by preparing legislation, planning revenues and expenditures, managing and supervising the budgetary spending process and preparing a framework for economic policy and development. We analyze and design tax policies, customs duties and tariff policies, and other types of public income. We also analyze and guide the public expenditure system. We develop policies on domestic and international finance. We also monitor macroeconomic, macro-fiscal and financial developments in order to provide policy advice on a wide range of economic issues.




  • Maintaining a stable macroeconomic/macro-fiscal framework.
  • Maintaining sound public finances
  • Securing a competitive and efficient private sector led economy that provides expanding economic and employment opportunities for all through easing distortions in the incentives system by:
  • Promoting a fair and efficient tax and benefit system with incentives to work, save and invest;
  • Promoting trade liberalization with a view to promoting economic efficiency and international competitiveness and thus create a stronger basis for long-term economic expansion through:
  • Proceeding with tariff liberalization in line with WTO obligations and trade agreements.
  • Simplifying and liberalizing customs procedures
  • More efficient government spending
  • Improving the quality and the cost effectiveness of public services