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    Ministry of Finance In Brief  


 For ages, conflicts have broken out over who has the right to collect revenues from different sources and to spend them in matters related to public and national interest. In Egypt,  Kings and princes had claimed that right for being aware of the public interest.

 In Mohammed Ali’s era, attention had been paid to the state finance according to an advice given to him by his foreign advisors to be able to obtain money necessary to create his own kingdom.

 Therefore, he cared about dividing the government into different departments and successively he created bureaus  including Finance. In his time, the first primitive budget had been made for his belief that state’s power lies in its budget. His successors followed him, where Mohammed Said transformed some Bureaus  or Departments into ministries issuing  a decree on February  26 ,1876 stipulating the new system he introduced in the general management including creating the first finance ministry chaired by prince Moustafa Fadhil.

 In Khedive Ismail’s era, Ministry of Finance was headed by Ismail Siddiq , known as , Ismail El-Mufatish (the Inspector) from 1868 to 1876. He is still to be remembered in Egypt as his palace has become the Finance Ministry’s headquarters at Lazoughli Square.

 Before 1952 July Revolution , the state finance organization had been made according to bases set by the British advisors to serve the interests of foreign occupation and its alliances. Then , the 1952 July Revolution occurred  whose first tasks were to re-organize the state finance. Fore the first time, there is a new phenomenon to expand the appropriations allocated to the purposes of economic and social development. Thus, organizing the state finance passed with successive historical phases, each of which reflects the prevailing social system.

 When reviewing activities of The Finance Ministry since its inception, we find ,in addition to burdening the  task of  determining the state usages and providing their resources, Finance Ministry has been assuming other duties later  abandoned and turned to be other authorities or ministries such as Properties Department whose  part of which has become affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture , while the other part to the Ministry of Housing. The General Department of the Government Employees was later turned to be the Employees Bureau  , then to the Central Agency for Regulation and Management.

 On March 15,1958 a presidential decree was issued to change the name of the Finance Ministry  to the  Ministry of Treasury . In March 1973 the presidential decree no.49 of 1973 was issued to merge ministries of Finance , Economy and Foreign Trade in one ministry . In April 1974 Ministry of Finance was separated from Economy and Foreign Trade to be named the  Finance Ministry till now. Under Ministry of Finance, The General Department for Accounts has been transformed into the General Department for the Government Accounts , Purchases Stores and  Inspection. Then it was limited to the Government Accounts. In 1969, the General Authority for Government Services was created to take over the special tasks of warehouses and purchases. Moreover, the General Directorates in governorates were created chaired by the Finance Ministry’s representatives to support the municipal authorities.

 With  such changes, it’s worth to mention figures who took over the ministry  in important stages in Egypt’s history until now:


Prince Mustafa Beik Fadhil was appointed on 26/2/1856 as the  first Minister of Finance

Ismail Sidiq (Inspector) from 1868 to 1876

Youssef Wahbah Basha from 15/4/1914 to 21/5/1920

Mohammed Moheb Basha , At time of the first Egyptian Constitution 1923 from 15/3/1923 to 6/8/1923

Abdul Galil Oumary Beik, At time of 1952 Revolution from 24/7/1952 to 25/2/1954

Abdul Latif Mahmoud El-Boughdadi , Treasury and Planning,  1810/1961(Vice-President)

Dr.Abdul Mon’em El-Quaisuni , Treasury and Planning,1962

Dr.Nazeeh Ahmed Dhaif, Treasury , 3/ 1964

Dr.Abdul Aziz Hegazi Treasury , 20/3/1968

Mohammed Abdul Fatah Ibrahim , Ministry of Finance, 25/4/1974

Dr.Mohammed Hamdi El-Nashar Ministry of Finance, 25/11/1974

Dr.Ahmed Abu Ismail , Ministry of Finance,16/4/1975

Dr.Mohammed Salah Eldeen Hamid , Ministry of Finance, 19/11/1976

Dr.Ali Lutfi , Ministry of Finance, 5/10/1978

Dr.Abdul Razaq Abdul Mageed , Ministry of Finance ,Planning and Economy 14/5/1980

Dr.Fuad Kamal Hussein ,State Ministry of Finance,23/12/1981

Dr. Abdul Razaq Abdul Mageed, Ministry of Finance ,Planning and Economy 14/10/1981

Dr. Mahmoud Salah El-Deen Hamid, Ministry of Finance3/1/1982

Dr.Mohammed Ahmed El Razaz, Ministry of Finance 11/11/1986

Dr.Mohei El-Deen Abu Bakr El Ghareeb,  Ministry of Finance, 11/1/1996

Dr.Mohamed Medhat Hassanein, Ministry of Finance, 10/10/1999

Dr. Youssef Boutros-Ghali , Ministry of Finance, 1/7/2004

Dr.Samir Radwan , Ministry of Finance, 31/1/2011